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How about my 10 years effort gaining ability in geoscience world?

I lied to myself. Our real goal was the same it had always been, but in different way. Nobody really wrong for making decision, nobody can stop you from going back to your world.

I began to recall my memories in geoscience world. Restore my archived files on my computer, rearrange my bookshelf to geophysics first rather than IT books, reopen my pending geophysics instrumentation project. Is this enough? Nope. I need to refresh my basic understanding of geology and geophysics. I need much more discussion partners for better understanding.

I tried to register for geoscience master degree, not too far from my recent location. I prepared this registration in a short time since registration period nearly ended. After this-and-that, tick-and-tock, almost without enough time for exam preparation, I have been accepted for study in reservoir geophysics master degree. I attend this study nearly every time outside work hour, drain a lot of energy anyway.

Here I am. What’s next?

to be continue…

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