Lumia 930 Windows 10 and Battery

Tons applications and activities run on Windows 10 Mobile extremely drain much energy
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For the first time I update my Lumia 930 phone I feel something went wrong with my smartphone. My phone rapidly drain much more energy than last time I use Windows Phone 8.1. Before, one time charging period was more than enough to keep my Windows Phone 8.1 device alive for two days. But, after upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile my device not strong enough to keep alive for a day. My Lumia 930 battery only energizing for about 14 hours.

Technically there is nothing problem with my hardware, so I try to tweak settings on Windows 10 Mobile to conserve energy and keep my phone efficient. After tweaking, I extremely get better battery live on Lumia 930 with Windows 10 Mobile. Here what I do:

Disallow apps run in background. For my daily usage, I only allow WhatsApp and Skype to run in background. Set display brightness level to low and turn off auto adjust. This setting will give you better battery live, but I keep my display auto adjust brightness. I have almost of my daily life in outdoor. Turn off NFC by default. I set my NFC off by default, only few payment services and merchant accept NFC payment protocol in Indonesia. Use dark colors for theme. Naturally OLED display consume more energy with light color and more efficient with dark color. Set screen timeout to minimum value. I set my phone to 30 seconds timeout. Set account sync period to manual or to longest period. Except for urgent account, I set account sync period to manual. Only office mail account that I set to one hour.

Turn off notification banners and vibration. After couple times of identification statistically, I found that notification banner highly responsible for battery drain problem. Why? My phone screen immediately turned on again and again (only) to display notification banner. Say that you have more chat apps and intensively send you a notification. Your screen going turned on – off – on – off again and again.

So, this is to do list to conserve your battery live:

  1. Disallow apps run in background (Settings > System > Battery Saver > Battery Use)
  2. Set display brightness level to low (Settings > System > Display)
  3. Turn off auto adjust brightness level (Settings > System > Display)
  4. Turn off NFC (Settings > Devices > NFC)
  5. Use dark colors for theme (Settings > Personalisation > Colours)
  6. Set screen timeout to minimum value (Settings > Personalisation > Lock Screen)
  7. Set account sync to manual (Settings > Accounts > Your Email and Accounts > [select an account] Manage > Change Mailbox Sync Settings)
  8. Turn off notification banners and vibrations (Settings > System > Notifications & Actions > [select an app])

And yes, turn off banners and vibration notifications is my last time I tweak my phone to keep my phone alive. I get my device still alive for two days in one time charging period, even sometime plus half day more.

Here additional tweaks if you want much better battery live for your phone:

  1. Lowering Brightness Profile (Settings > Extras > Display > Adjust Brightness Profile)
  2. Do not use vivid color profile (Settings > Extras > Display > Adjust Color Profile)
  3. Turn off Hey Cortana (Settings > Extras > Hey Cortana)
  4. Turn off double tap screen to wake up (Settings > Extras > Touch > Gestures)
  5. Turn off vibrate touch (Settings > Extras > Touch > Touch)
  6. Set mobile network data to 3G (Settings > Network & Wireless > Mobile & SIM > SIM settings > Mobile Network)
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