Lost in Highway

I’m geoscientist, but sometime doing less in geoscience world.

I write a lot about tech, but I’m actually a geoscientist. My background preparation centered around using physical approach to understanding earth through mathematical modeling. I spent almost 6 years in college and more than 5 years in professional environment gaining this ability so I could try to make the whole world a better and safer place.

Rather than a geoscientist -specifically geophysicist-, I’m also a programmer and sometimes become a technical pre-sales. Eventually, I started meeting others from technology world, meeting programmers, doing approach for selling a product, meeting with CEOs, and so on. Talking with these people was magical. It seemed that everyone I met had some way to understanding problems and do or create some technology to make the world a better place.

Slowly, I embedded myself with better understanding of technology world. Sometime, doing less in geoscientist way. I didn’t realize it then. I become more interested in doing things like setting up IT infrastructure, become a system architect, become a business analyst, and other things far away from geoscience world. But, I lost my intentions to make the world a better place. I do only to make some cash, nothing else.

I look back on a realization: how about my 10 years -even more- effort gaining ability in geoscience world?

to be continue…

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